Tickets for games that might be canceled?!

I found this on the NFC North Blog report by Kevin Seifert

Which for me living in Memphis Tn. There is no way I could become a season ticket holder and almost impossible to get to a game between money and distance to the closes NFL stadium which is in Nashville which is more than a 3 hour drive. However I know many of my fellow brothers here on the POD live in Mich. And I don't know 1 fan ANYWHERE that wants a lock out so I am posting this to help spread the word of PLEASE DON'T RENEW YOUR SEATS!!!! For it will only help out the owns be able to last longer in this lockout. This is a little clip I took out of this post.

You can join all the Internet protests you want, but the most direct way to be heard is to hit owners in their wallets. Let's be clear here: By renewing your season tickets on schedule, you're contributing to the league's lockout fund.

So if we are all in an agreement to not purchase tickets than we are hurting the owners and maybe able to get this lock out thing over sooner rather than later!

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