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There's Hope For America After All

Last month in the wake of Jay Cutler leaving the NFC championship game with a knee injury, ESPN put up a poll on its website about the "least likeable person." The poll included Cutler, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick. Despite the fact that all Cutler did was leave a game early with an injury, 43% of America voted him as the least likeable person. Roethlisberger received 35% of the vote and surprisingly Vick only got 22%. Considering what Vick did and what Roethlisberger allegedly did, the results were pretty dumb (and showcased how reactive people are).

After the odd results of the "least likeable person poll," I expected to the Black Eyed Peas to receive an A in a poll about what grade they deserve for last Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show. I personally thought it was an absolute train wreck and one of the worst Super Bowl halftimes I can remember. Then again, I also thought that out of Cutler, Roethlisberger and Vick, Cutler was nowhere near the least likeable person. I expected the worst with this poll, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results:


I definitely understand why the NFL went back to a modern halftime show after a few years of nothing but the oldies, but a band that actually sounds decent and plays instruments (Foo Fighters, Muse, etc.) wouldn't have been a bad idea. The Black Eyed Peas just flat out stunk, and I hope next year the NFL goes in a different direction for the Super Bowl halftime show.

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