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Albert Haynesworth Reportedly Accused Of Sexual Assault

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth's bad week just got worse. After being charged with assault stemming from an alleged road rage incident, Haynesworth has now been accused of sexual assault by a waitress at the W Hotel.

Just like I said in the post about the assault charge, Haynesworth is innocent until proven guilty. We learned when the unnamed Detroit Lions player was accused of inappropriate touching to not jump to conclusions, and that is important here considering this new alleged incident with Haynesworth bares some similarities (the accusation comes from something that allegedly took place late at night in a restaurant).

According to a police report obtained by NBC Washington, the waitress stated that her hands were full carrying glasses as she was clearing the table at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

She said that "Subject 1" tried to pay his bill by giving her his credit card, but he asked if it was OK to stick the card in her blouse near her breast area. She nodded her head yes and, according to the report, she said he then placed the card into her blouse gently, sliding the card further into her left side of the blouse and then started to caress her breast.

Haynesworth isn't identified directly in the police report, but unlike the local media here with the unnamed Lions player accused of inappropriate touching, NBC Washington learned the identity of "Subject 1" and quickly made it public. NBC Washington also contacted Haynesworth's agent about this, and he said that "there seems to be no truth to these allegations."

Again, Haynesworth is innocent until proven guilty with both of these incidents, but trouble just seems to follow him, both on and off the football field. I said a couple days ago I didn't need more reasons to not want Haynesworth on the Lions, but if this new accusation turns out to be true, go ahead and add it to the growing list.