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Minnesota Vikings Place Franchise Tag On Chad Greenway

You can go ahead and cross Chad Greenway's name off the list of potential free agent targets for the Detroit Lions this offseason. Greenway, who is set to become a free agent, received the Minnesota Vikings' franchise tag on Monday, meaning he will be almost assuredly be staying with his current team.

The Vikings gave Greenway the non-exclusive version of the franchise tag, meaning he is free to negotiate with other teams, but I can't see anybody wanting to give up two first-round picks for him. Besides, Greenway said in a statement that he was happy Minnesota valued him enough to make this move. From the sounds of it, a long-term deal is likely in the future for Greenway.

Had Greenway not received the franchise tag, he would have hit the open market as one of the top free agent linebackers. This is why many saw him as a potential target of the Lions. Detroit has a big need at outside linebacker, and Greenway would have been a good player to sign. That won't be happening now, though.

Something to keep an eye on as a result of this move is what happens with wide receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Ray Edwards. Both players are going to become free agents since the Vikings opted to place the franchise tag on Greenway. I'm not suggesting that the Lions will be interested in either of them, but considering Detroit has to play Minnesota twice a season, at the very least it'd be nice if Rice and Edwards leave the division if they don't end up in Detroit.