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Like Pride Of Detroit On Facebook

<a href="">Click here to go to Pride of Detroit's Facebook page.</a>
Click here to go to Pride of Detroit's Facebook page.

Do you use Facebook? Do you read Pride of Detroit? Would you like to combine the two? If yes, I have good news: you can!

Pride of Detroit's Facebook fan page has been up for a while now, and we are up to more than 800 likes. I'm sure many of you have already liked POD's page, but in case you haven't, this is a friendly reminder to do so right now. (It'd be nice if we could get to 1000 likes in the next couple weeks.)

By liking POD's Facebook page, you can be alerted when new posts are made, as links to them will show up in your news feed. You can also like individual posts and comment on them if you want to continue interacting with other Lions fans even when you're not reading POD.

Even if you have already liked POD's Facebook page, you can still help the site grow by inviting your friends to like the page. For some reason Facebook has removed the "Suggest to Friends" tool, so you can't do it automatically. Instead just send them the link to the page and tell them to like POD if they want even more access to Lions news.

(P.S. While you at it, please like SB Nation Detroit's Facebook fan page as well. On SB Nation Detroit you can find news about the Lions and other Detroit-area sports teams, so go ahead and like that page if you want more stories about Motor City sports appearing in your news feed.)

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