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Jim Schwartz Tweet Of The Day

Recently, Ndamukong Suh did his best NASCAR analyst impression, and his prediction for the 2011 Daytona 500 ended up finishing in second place. I don't think he has a career in NASCAR analysis or anything, but his insight was interesting, even if his pick was based solely on Edwards being sponsored by Subway.

On Monday, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz did his best movie critic impression by posting the following review on Twitter about The King's Speech:

Finally got to 'The King’s Speech'. Not sure what everyone is so excited about.less than a minute ago via web

Well acted by Colin Firth, and especially Helena Bonham Carter, but I must not be snooty enough to really get it.less than a minute ago via web

All I know about the movie is that it has gotten pretty good reviews. Even so, I didn't have much interest in seeing it even before Schwartz's tweets, and now I think I'll pass on it for sure based on his review of it.

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