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Detroit Lions Grades - February 2011 Recap

Based on how readers of Pride of Detroit voted this month in polls that handed out grades to Detroit Lions coaches, the consensus is that their performance since coming to Detroit is worthy of a B. General manager Martin Mayhew is the only one who had more A votes than anything else, as head coach Jim Schwartz, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham all received more B votes than the other choices.

A full breakdown of each poll is below. (Note: numbers are as of the time of this post; percentages don't add up because decimals aren't included.)

Jim Schwartz (1693 votes)

41% - A | 52% - B | 4% - C | 0% - D | 0% - F

Martin Mayhew (1724 votes)

68% - A | 28% - B | 2% - C | 0% - D | 0% - F

Scott Linehan (1157 votes)

26% - A | 57% - B | 13% - C | 1% - D | 0% - F

Gunther Cunningham (1045 votes)

31% - A | 55% - B | 12% - C | 0% - D | 0% - F

The next round of polls likely won't be until the summer for the coaches, as there isn't a whole lot that can change from now until then. For Martin Mayhew, I'd venture to guess we'll have one after the draft and after free agency (whenever that may be) or at the very least periodically throughout the offseason. So stay tuned.

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