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Lions Notes: Jim Schwartz Prefers To Ride Solo In Indy

  •'s Vic Carucci is staying at the same hotel as Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. They were both at the same airport cab stand and could have easily shared a cab to their hotel. Why didn't they? Schwartz explained to Carucci at the hotel that he "had a couple of phone calls to return and they were the kind of calls I couldn’t have in front of someone from the media."
  • Earlier this month in Dallas (around the time of the Super Bowl), Matthew Stafford's agent, Tom Condon, said this about his client's shoulder injury: "I talked to Dr. Andrews and he said that the surgery was successful. It wasn’t anything extraordinary in terms of the damage. He compared it to Sam Bradford and said it wasn’t as extensive as Bradford. And he said that he should be 100 percent and that he’s healing up very well."

    Jim Schwartz said a week later that Stafford is "doing fine," but that's about as detailed as he got.
  • Nike has a video of Ndamukong Suh explaining the design of his custom NSW Destroyer Jacket.
  • The Carolina Panthers placed their franchise tag on center Ryan Kalil. Only one center before him had ever received the franchise tag: the Lions' Kevin Glover back in 1996.
  • Rich McKay, the president of the Falcons and co-chair of the NFL's competition committee, said that the rule about what is and isn't a catch needs to be written in a way that doesn't put officials in a bad position. Why? McKay said, "There's an inherent conflict between slow motion replay, super slow motion replay and what we ask our officials to do on the field." How about you just use some clear language that specifically outlines what is a catch. Replay shouldn't even be something to worry about if the rule is written properly.
  • Former Lion Lem Barney was inducted into the Black College Football Hall of Fame last week.
  • Paula Pasche discovered an interesting connection between early birthdays and success with the Lions' recent first-round draft picks.
  • NFL Network's coverage of last year's combine drew a total of 5.2 million viewers, which is more than the total viewers for a week of MLB games on ESPN. The popularity of the NFL never ceases to amaze me.
  • Champ Bailey signed a four-year deal with the Broncos earlier this week.

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