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Zack Follett's Football Future Up To Him

Linebacker Zack Follett's football career is in serious jeopardy due to the neck injury he suffered last season. It was reported back in January that Follett may have to retire because the possibility for a serious injury exists. Because of what happened last season, there isn't much space between the disc that was damaged and his spinal cord, meaning paralysis could happen with another bad hit.

Because his career is up in the air right now, the Lions are taking a wait and see approach with Follett. Martin Mayhew said on Friday that Follett is continuing to rehab and continuing to get closer to a decision about whether or not he will continue playing football. Mayhew added that the decision is up to Follett at this point, making it sound like it will come down to whether or not he feels that the risk of future damage is too great to continue playing football. Also, how his rehab goes during the offseason will contribute to his decision.

Follett's future wasn't the only thing Mayhew was asked about him. Mayhew was also questioned about Follett's "china doll" description of Matthew Stafford.

"I think the world of Zack. I didn't think much of those comments. I thought it was a poor choice of words, from a good guy."

I'd say that's a pretty good summary of that particular situation.

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