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Detroit Wins The Super Bowl ... Commercials

There were a few decent Super Bowl commercials during the first few quarters of the game, but nothing really stood out. Some commercials tried too hard to be funny and flopped big time, and even the ones that drew a laugh weren't all that memorable. It actually wasn't until the third quarter that the best commercial hit the airwaves, and it didn't need to use humor to stand out.

The commercial I'm referring to is Chrysler's advertisement featuring Eminem. One purpose of the ad was to draw attention to the Chrysler 200, but the overall theme was to show the world what Detroit is all about, and boy did it ever. The commercial was extremely well done, and at the end of it I was just like, "Damn." It was that good, and to me it was by far the best commercial that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl. Obviously I'm biased, but check it out for yourself:

Chrysler titled this ad "Imported From Detroit," but I think a more accurate title would have been "Detroit ... F*** Yeah." It was that awesome.

UPDATE: In case you were wondering, the Lions were represented in the NFL's "American Family" commercial. You have to look closely to find the Lions reference, but it's there.