My draft ideas - To fill our needs

Well we all have our own ideas and thoughts on what we hope and think should happen in the draft so here is mine.

RD.1 LB's Von Miller, Ayers, and CB's Peterson, Prince are the easy picks and we wouldn't be mad at any of these. Well for me it is clear and easy and I truly think that 1 of these guys could fall to us but I know these are slim but I thought I should put them here for my "Dream" pick. But however the 1 that will most likely be is Ayers that will fall to us. But a good back up plan is B. Harris I like his speed and quickness vs. J. Smith but I do like Smith's size however I am a bit concern when a teams best CB is not covering the best WR on the other team. My pick: Ayers

RD.2 CB R. Dowling is the best choice here especially if we go LB in the 1st. I am also liking the guy from Texas C.Brown he did 6' 180#'s 4.42 40 time plus he played in the pass happy Big 12. So IMO if we get go LB in the 1st then this guy has got to be our 2nd. Here is a link to read up on the guy. Also Greg Jones is an option as well My pick: C.Brown

RD.3 LB B.Carter should be here in the 3rd with him still recovering from injuries and would be worth a look here. Also LB K.J Wright from Miss. St. would be nice here as well @ 6-3 246#'s he fits well not saying he could start but depth at min. Also looking at Demarcus Love OT Arkansas 6-5 318#'s good size and feet. Then there is J.Carpenter from Alabama OT 6-5 313#'s. With Carpenter he would be a better run blocker with being in the run 1st 'bama team featuring Ingram. My pick: J.Carpenter

RD.4 OG Moffitt around here is the consensus pick around here and I am in agreement. However if Casey Mattews is here you have got to consider him as an option. I however think he may jump up to the 3rd rd. I still will not go against the grain here. My pick: Moffitt

RD.5 This 1 is a bit harder to pick getting some more depth on the Oline is ideal so 1 to look at is Lee Ziemba 6-6 317#'s from Auburn. Playing for the National Champs and blocking for a guy like Cam is a job and a half I like this guy to become a starter with in 1-2 yrs. But another need and guy caught my eye and thats Cecil Shorts III he's 6' 200lb#'s WR from Mt. Union he runs a 4.43 40 time and instead of moving Nate B. to the slot use this guy there instead. My Pick: Cecil Shorts III

RD.7 RB Clay again is the consensus pick here on the POD and I will not go against this pick either. However here is a couple of other picks that we want to consider and that's Da'Norris Searcy S from UNC he's 5-11 216# with 4.63 40 time and Dom DeCicco S from Pit. he is 6-3 232#'s 4.59 40 time. Depth is a big concern in the DB are and these guys could fill in nicely so if Clay is gone we should be looking here I would prefer DeCicco. He is big and fast. At the end of the day it would be nice to have a bruiser in the backfield. My pick: Clay

Well there is my mock for now at least until the combine is over. My goal is to get better, fill holes and get so depth.. Well let me know what you think and how well I did.

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