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Video: Applying Chrysler's Detroit Commercial To The Lions

Chrysler's awesome Super Bowl commercial featuring Eminem about the city of Detroit is very inspiring. The images of Detroit and talk about what this city has been through create a vivid idea of what it's like to be from Detroit, hence the tagline "Imported From Detroit." The commercial drew rave reviews nationally and was by far the favorite commercial of people in the Metro Detroit area for obvious reasons.

I can't remember who I heard it from, but shortly after the commercial aired somebody mentioned that many of the things said in the commercial could be applied to the Detroit Lions. This is a franchise that has been to hell and back and most of the things you read about it are in a negative context (at least before this past season). Some people underestimate what this franchise is capable of going forward, and there are many reasons to be proud of the team even in its current form.

Running with the idea of applying the commercial to the Lions, somebody took the audio from the ad and set it to images and video of the Lions and then uploaded it to YouTube. The end result is a really cool video that presents a similar feeling for Lions fans that Detroiters experienced on Super Bowl Sunday. Check it out:

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