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Lions Won't Make Any Immediate Paycuts Or Layoffs In Wake Of NFL Lockout

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With the NFL lockout now in effect, more than just the players have had their jobs affected. Many league and team employees have had their salary slashed and payments delayed, and some even have lost their job for the time being. The financial impact is enormous, and it's really nothing compared to all of the jobs and money that will be lost if no games are played in 2011.

For the Detroit Lions specifically, they are one of the teams that are not planning on changing things salary-wise for right now. Tom Lewand had this to say about the matter:

"We’re not going to get into specifics about what the plans are, but at least in the near term, as we prepare for the draft, as we’re getting ready, we are not making any modifications," Lewand said. "There will be no changes in staffing as a result of the lockout and there’ll be no changes in salaries as a result of the lockout right now."

It was previously reported that the Lions wouldn't reduce salaries or anything like that in the first two months of a lockout. Hopefully for everybody involved by the time those two months are up a new CBA will be in place.