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2011 NFL Schedule Set To Be Released In April

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Although the NFL is in lockout mode right now and it's entirely possible that there will be no football in 2011, plans still call for next season's schedule to be released in April. An exact date hasn't come out yet for when the schedule will be released, but I'd venture to guess it will be the same as last year.

A year ago, the NFL schedule came out a couple days before the draft, allowing the league to dominate the sports news world for a week straight. The league could do the same thing this year and capitalize on all of the attention on the draft by announcing the schedule a couple days earlier.

As a reminder, the following games will be on the Detroit Lions' 2011 schedule:

Home Games

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers

Away Games

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders