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Thoughts Go Out To Steve Sabol

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Earlier this month, NFL Films president Steve Sabol had a seizure and spent some time in the hospital as a result. Following the seizure, he went through a battery of tests, and it was discovered he has a tumor on the left side of his brain.

"(Steve) will begin treatments soon," the statement said. "Steve is in good spirits and is deeply appreciative of everyone’s good wishes."  

Sabol is expected to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

In case you're not familiar with Sabol, he is the man behind NFL Films, which does an outstanding job of covering all things NFL. It is what was responsible for the amazing mic'd up segment from the 2009 Browns game featuring Matthew Stafford, and in general a lot of great pieces are made by NFL Films.

As noted by The Profiler in the FanPosts section, you can send your well wishes to Steve Sabol by emailing him at