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Green Bay Packers Release A.J. Hawk

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Adam Schefter is reporting that the Green Bay Packers have cut linebacker A.J. Hawk.

Schefter calls the move a "shocker," but it really isn't too surprising. National Football Post reported earlier this week that Packers head coach Mike McCarty wanted Hawk back, but it was possible he would be released because of his contract. On the first day of the new league year Hawk was set to have his base salary of approximately $10 million become guaranteed. Since the CBA is set to expire tomorrow and the new league year will begin once a new one is in place, the Packers went ahead and parted ways with Hawk today.

Schefter followed up his first tweet with a second one that said a "new deal still could be in line now." To me that is the right line of thinking, because I'd bet on Hawk returning to the Packers with a new deal. Green Bay didn't want to pay him upwards of $10 million in guaranteed money next season, so they cut him. That doesn't mean they don't want him back at a better price, though.

While he may end up staying in Green Bay, the fact remains that Hawk is indeed a free agent now. As soon as it came out that he could hit the open market people wondered if the Lions would pursue him. Now that he is a free agent, I certainly think Detroit will look into signing him. The Lions have a need at linebacker, and Hawk seems like a good fit for this defense. Plus, his former Ohio State teammate, Bobby Carpenter, is with the Lions. I would definitely be on board with reuniting these two Buckeyes here in Detroit.