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Green Bay Packers Want To Re-Sign A.J. Hawk

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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy made it no secret that he wants linebacker A.J. Hawk on the team next year, even if he ended up being released. Earlier today, that is exactly what happened, but general manager Ted Thompson reiterated that this was strictly a business decision and that the Packers want Hawk back.

"With A.J., the business side of the game is driving this decision," general manager Ted Thompson said in a statement. "We're hopeful that we can continue to work with A.J. to have him be a part of our team in the future."

Andrew Brandt, a writer for National Football Post and former vice president of the Packers, had this to say about the Hawk news:

Packers release AJ Hawk, expected move. We negotiated 6 yr deal structured to re-do in 5th yr. Sides now negotiating longer deal.

At this point it seems unlikely Hawk will be going anywhere. Obviously a lot could change, especially if he is a free agent when the collective bargaining agreement expires, but all signs point to him staying in Green Bay.