IMO how to fix this lockout...

You always here in ALL sports "business is business" from both players and management (CEO,GM's,Coach's,etc)
Besides the Packers none of the other teams are publicly traded. So they are not required to open their books..

I say get over it..

Now here is what needs to happen..

1.Put a rookie cap in place,

2. Raise the cap by 5%-10%,

3.Improve the safety of the players,

4.Make it mandatory that every player donate 1% of their salary to the former players fund so they can be taken care of,

5.Set up a 401k plan for the players (make them put away 2% of their pay in it and have the owners match it) for when they retire...

Can you image what 2% of their salary would do for the economy???
Lets keep things stupid simple... and just use nice round numbers..

Let's say the avg. NFL Salary is $200K (yes i know it's higher) and there is an avg. 50 players per team (again I know there is more) and there is 32 teams.. that would equal out to be $320m a yr. Now say put that in a basic savings acct. w/ 1% interest per (not sure if that would be for a yr or a month but for this case we will say it was for 1 yr.) They would have made $3.2m...
So how does this help the economy well the bank would be able to lend more money and make interest of the loans people can get business up to real estate again the lit goes on and on..
So in Hind sight fix this CBA and use my advice and lets play some football already

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