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Lions Ticket Sales Doing Well Despite NFL Lockout

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Although the NFL is in lockout mode right now, the general consensus seems to be that things will be worked out before any games are threatened. After all, for a lockout to cause games to be missed, it would have to last until August, and for regular season games to be affected, it would have to go on until September. The feeling is that despite whatever differences exist now, the economic impact of missing games would be just too large for both sides to continue moving forward without a deal.

For many NFL teams, the threat of having games missed or simply the fact that there is a lockout could really hurt ticket sales. With the way the economy has been in recent years, many teams have been struggling with ticket sales as it is, including the Detroit Lions.

Many more games were sold out last season in Detroit than the previous couple years, however, which is mainly because the team was much better. The four-game winning streak at the end of the season only helped the matter, as it built some momentum for season-ticket sales, which Tom Lewand said last week are up compared to last year.

I think you would be hard pressed to find many teams that would be hurt by a lockout extending into the regular season more than the Lions. The momentum created by last season has more fans interested in the team than in quite some time, as the season-ticket numbers show. What's more, hope and optimism hasn't been this high in a while. With the way they played last year, the playoffs are a realistic expectation if Matthew Stafford can stay healthy. The Lions need to play football to keep the interest high and, more importantly, capitalize on the field by continuing to win games. This could be the start of something special next season, but there has to actually be football for the Lions to win anything.