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Non-Football Jobs For The Lions During The Lockout

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As you may or may not have heard by now, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is going to try out for Major League Soccer's Sporting Kansas City. Ochocinco has always been a big soccer fan and showed off his kicking skills during a preseason game a couple years ago, successfully attempting an extra point. While it's entirely possible nothing will come of Ochocinco's tryout with the MLS' Kansas City team, it got me thinking: What other sports or jobs could Lions players take during the NFL lockout?

If Ndamukong Suh wanted to join Ochocinco in the MLS, he probably could secure a tryout as well. Suh played soccer growing up, and his father played professionally and his sister played in college and for Cameroon's women's national team. Soccer is in his blood, and although size-wise he isn't a great match for the sport, during training camp he showed off his kicking skills, which led to him becoming Detroit's emergency kicker (as we saw against the Jets). If not soccer, Suh could probably try joining the NBA, as he also played basketball growing up and we know he can still knock down free throws.

On a less serious note, if the lockout extends past the draft and leaves the coaching staff with nothing to do, perhaps Jim Schwartz could get his own show on one of the local music radio stations. Or better yet, maybe he could join VH1 Classic's That Metal Show as a host. He seems like he would be a perfect addition to the cast.

What non-football jobs do you think members of the Lions could take during the lockout, both serious and not so serious?