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Roger Goodell Confirms Detroit Lions Did Appeal Tampering Ruling

The deadline for the Detroit Lions to appeal the NFL's ruling that they were guilty of tampering with the Kansas City Chiefs came and went at the end of February. Although Jim Schwartz called the ruling incorrect while in Indy for the combine, Martin Mayhew made it sound like the Lions were ready to move on. Tom Lewand did the same earlier this month, although he, like both Mayhew and Schwartz, declined to say whether or not the Lions appealed the ruling.

Some believed that the Lions' silence on the matter aside from saying they were prepared to move forward indicated their decision not to file an appeal. Just last week, however, I speculated that they may have filed an appeal and decided to stay silent on the matter in case the original ruling was upheld. Now, it looks like that indeed is the case, as Roger Goodell confirmed on Tuesday an appeal has been filed. The timetable for a decision is unclear, but a final ruling could be coming shortly.

"I hope, when I get back to my office, I can get some attention to that, but I’ve been out of the office a little bit recently," he said.

Considering Jarrad Page's agent said there was never any contact between him/his client and the Lions, it will be interesting to see what Goodell decides. Personally, I just hope the Lions get their seventh-round pick back. It would be nice if they un-swapped their fifth-round picks with the Chiefs, but getting their sixth pick back would be fine enough for me.

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