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Jim Schwartz Explains Main Reason For Lions' Pre-Draft Visits

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Every March and April, NFL teams host up to 30 players for pre-NFL Draft visits. The visits give teams another chance to meet with potential picks, and often times the focus is on more interviews with the players. With Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, for example, it is widely believed that his visit with the Lions was focused on Detroit further examining his reported off the field issues. Most visits, according to head coach Jim Schwartz, have a different focus, though.

"A lot of those guys, we had to check with where their physicals are,'' Schwartz said today at the annual owners' meeting. "That's really the No.1 reason they come in. It's all a part of the process."

This is the most likely reason North Carolina linebacker Bruce Carter visited the Lions back on March 16. He is coming off of an ACL injury, which is why many believe he will drop to the second round. By meeting with him and having their own doctors look him over, the Lions can get a sense of how far away he is from being 100 percent healthy and whether or not he would be worth drafting.