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Lions Don't Expect To Receive Any Compensatory Picks In 2011 NFL Draft

At some point today the NFL is expected to hand out compensatory picks for the 2011 NFL Draft. This will make the order for this year's draft official for all seven rounds, as compensatory picks are added on to the ends of rounds three through seven.

Teams receive one or more compensatory picks if they lost more free agents than they signed the previous offseason. Teams can also receive them if they lost the same amount of players that they signed but lost a player (or players) of higher value.

For the Detroit Lions, it does not look like they will be receiving any compensatory selections, as general manager Martin Mayhew said earlier this week he doesn't expect the team to get any.

In the past the Lions have been awarded compensatory picks at the end of the seventh round (see last year) because the NFL needed to get up to 32 total compensatory picks. Since the NFL goes in the order of the draft when it gives them out just for the sake of giving them out, it's unlikely the Lions will get an extra pick like that this year.

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