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Minnesota Vikings Joining The Tampering Bandwagon?

Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier discussed his team's quarterback situation earlier this week. He mentioned that adding a quarterback at some point this offseason is bound to happen, and he also talked a bit about whether or not the Vikings would draft or trade for a QB.

One quote of Frazier's in particular caught my eye:

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier admits that "you'd have to consider a guy like Kevin [Kolb] if he becomes available."

You might think this caught my eye because it raises the possibility of Kolb joining the division, but not so fast my friend. This caught my eye because it seems like the perfect example of tampering. The Lions were found guilty of tampering in part because Gunther Cunningham mentioned that the Lions would be there to sign young guys let go by the Chiefs. Frazier didn't say anything definitive, but he did specifically name a player.

Personally I don't think what Frazier said is a big deal, but if the Lions are going to be found guilty of tampering partly because of what Cunningham said then the Vikings better lose a draft pick or two as well. I mean, Cunningham didn't even name anybody specifically and the Lions got nailed. The Vikings should also feel the wrath of Roger Goodell if their head coach is going to be naming players they would consider that are under contract with other teams.

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