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NFL Draft Compensatory Picks: Lions Receive None

Just as expected, the Detroit Lions were not given any compensatory picks for the 2011 NFL Draft. Martin Mayhew said earlier in the week he didn't expect the Lions to get any, as they did not lose more free agents than they gained last offseason.

The Lions missed out on getting one at the end of the seventh round by two picks, as the Houston Texans will select this year's Mr. Irrelevant. Houston has the 11th overall pick, and the first-round order is used for handing out extra compensatory picks at the end of the draft, which is why the Lions had the last pick a year ago.

After the jump is a list of the compensatory picks that were handed out.


3 33-97 Carolina

4 33-130 Tennessee
34-131 Green Bay

5 33-164 Baltimore
34-165 Baltimore

6 33-198 New York Giants
34-199 Kansas City
35-200 Minnesota
36-201 San Diego
37-202 New York Giants
38-203 Carolina

7 33-233 San Diego
34-234 Miami
35-235 Minnesota
36-236 Philadelphia
37-237 Tampa Bay
38-238 San Francisco
39-239 Philadelphia
40-240 Oakland
41-241 Seattle
42-242 New Orleans
43-243 Carolina
44-244 Buffalo
45-245 Cincinnati
46-246 Denver
47-247 Cleveland
48-248 Arizona
49-249 San Francisco
50-250 Tennessee
51-251 Dallas
52-252 Washington
53-253 Houston

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