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Who To Pick For The Lions In SB Nation's 2011 NFL Mock Draft?

SB Nation's annual NFL bloggers mock draft began today with the Carolina Panthers selecting Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. From now until the draft next month, Mocking The Draft will post the 64 picks made by SB Nation's NFL bloggers. Think of it as being the SB Nation version of our community mock draft, just with people from each site representing their team.

My pick for the Detroit Lions is due by 9 a.m. tomorrow, and right now I'm stumped as far as who I should take. Last year it was easy to make their first-round pick, as I went with the obvious choice in Ndamukong Suh. Even the second-round pick wasn't too difficult, as I went with Jahvid Best. Both of those guys ended up being picked in real life, but this year there is much less clarity with who could be the Lions' pick.

With this in mind, I'm calling on you guys to help me decide who to pick. I'm not going to include a poll since that would spoil the picks that have already been made behind the scenes, so discuss who you think the pick should be in the comments section.

(Although I don't want to spoil the picks that have been made, I will just tell you that Prince Amukamara is off the board, so don't bother suggesting him. Had he been available, I would've selected him. Since he's not, I need to go in another direction, and really at this point I'm open to all suggestions since I'm not leaning any particular way. Let me know what you think.)

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