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Lions Re-Sign Zack Follett, Release Julian Peterson

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The busy day of Lions roster moves continues with two more transactions. One involves linebacker Zack Follett, and the other has to do with linebacker Julian Peterson.

The Follett news is that he has re-signed with the Lions. He announced the news on Facebook and later confirmed on Twitter that he was presented with a contract for 2011 by the Lions and signed it. Here's what he had to say on Facebook:

God presented me with a 2011 contract that I just signed! If he didn't want me to play that wouldn't have happened.. So now it's just matter of time to be healed! Team Jesus let's go!

Questions have lingered into the offseason about whether or not Follett will be able to continue playing football with his neck injury. If this is any indication, it sounds like Follett is on board with trying to get back on the field, so that's good to hear.

While one linebacker has locked up a contract, another is now off the team, as the Lions released Peterson today. Martin Mayhew announced earlier in the offseason that Peterson would be released, but the move was not made official until this evening. Dave Birkett reports that the Lions wanted to give Peterson a chance to get as healthy as possible before cutting him loose.

UPDATE: Tim Twentyman spoke with Zack Follett, and the offer from the Lions came in after he was cleared by doctors to play next season. So that's definitely good news.