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Detroit Lions Re-Sign Nathan Vasher

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Although the collective bargaining agreement has now been extended a week so negotiations can continue without a lockout, no transactions are allowed to be made during this time. Roster moves stopped after yesterday, and the Detroit Lions made one last move before the deadline by re-signing cornerback Nathan Vasher to a one-year deal.

Vasher joined the Lions the day after the first game of the regular season. He replaced Aaron Berry, who suffered a season-ending injury. By the end of the season Vasher got a good deal of playing time with other corners getting hurt, and the Lions obviously liked what they saw. Vasher also liked what he saw, which made the decision to return easy.

"He really enjoyed his time there, and I think he feels like he can be part of a team that can get back to the playoffs," said Vasher’s agent, Michael Sullivan.

Cornerback Tye Hill, who joined the Lions in December, was not tendered a contract offer.