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Lions' Jahvid Best Made History At Start Of 2010 Season

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The first week of the 2010 season, the Detroit Lions scored two touchdowns against the Chicago Bears. One was a seven-yard run by running back Jahvid Best, and the other was a four-yard run by him. A week later against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lions scored four touchdowns. The first three were as follows: a 14-yard run by Best, a 75-yard pass from Shaun Hill to Best and a two-yard run by Best.

The first non-Jahvid Best touchdown of the season for the Lions came later in the Eagles game when Calvin Johnson caught a pass in the end zone from 19 yards out. The first five were all by Best, which is something that hadn't been done since the first season in NFL history, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

You have to go back to the NFL's first season to find the last player to do what the Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best did to start the '10 season. Best scored the Lions first five touchdowns to start the year. The last player to accomplish such a feat was Dutch Sternaman (left) who did so for the Decatur Staleys (who became the Chicago Bears) in the league's inaugural season, 1920.

Best was great in the first couple weeks of the season, but he struggled with turf toe injuries for much of the year after that. Hopefully in 2011 the healthy Best will return and stick around to make more history.