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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Select Marcell Dareus

Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 3 Marcell Dareus
General Manager: CLF

With the third pick of the 2011 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

Here is CLF's reasoning for the pick:

I think we all can agree that Buffalo's needs (DE, CB, QB, WR, DT, OL) far exceed what they will get out of the draft, so just about any pick will help. Our FO was bummed when Carolina chose to ignore their glaring need for a franchise QB and picked Patrick Peterson to lead their dismal franchise back from the dead. So after much consideration and with the comforting knowledge that Ryan Fitzpatrick is signed through next season, the Bills select Marcell Dareus with the third pick. Pure. Raw. Talent.

Like Carolina, Buffalo too is passing (pun intended) on this year's group of QBs, at least for now. Combine the lack of value with the offseason lockout and this decision is a no-brainer. Buffalo needs instant contributors, not projects, and with that the Bills stay true to their "big board" and take the No. 1 talent available.

Standing at 6'3" and 320 lbs., Dareus will add his size and dominance to the Buffalo Bills' defensive line. The Bills were a solid No. 3 in pass defense in 2010, but dead last in rush defense. Marcell will be a large help for both by providing leadership and depth to the Bills' defensive tackle position. They say this game is won in the trenches and Marcell Dareus will aim to prove that as a Buffalo Bill.


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