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Who Will The Detroit Lions Pick In The 1st Round Of The 2011 NFL Draft?

Unlike the past two years, it is unclear who will be the Detroit Lions' first-round pick in this year's NFL Draft. A number of players have been mentioned as possible picks for Detroit, and they range from being an offensive lineman, to being a cornerback and to even being a wide receiver or running back

So far the Lions have done a good job of not tipping their hand about where their interest lies. Even so, I want to get an idea of who you think they would pick if the draft were this week. I know a lot can change in the coming weeks, so pretend that the draft were taking place this Thursday and it worked out to where Detroit essentially had its pick of players. No, every single guy that is in this poll won't actually fall to the Lions, nor will every guy on this list likely be in consideration, but for the sake of this poll I'm throwing the names of guys who could potentially be there at No. 13 into the mix.

Basically, if the Lions had a pick and all of these guys were available, who do you think they would select? This is not asking who you would pick, but rather what you think the Lions would do if this situation played out in real life. I'd personally bet on another former Cornhusker joining the roster, but that's just my brief thought on the matter. Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to vote in the poll below.

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