Just for fun.. Would you be mad at this draft

Now I was just sitting back and thinking how great it maybe to actually knock out and lock up the secondary for many years. Plus to get a few role/project/depth guys to fill in. For reasons of not actually knowing who will be available for free agency or trades I will not even attempt to place guys on the team.

1 Prince CB

2 Curtis Brown CB

3 K.J. Wright OLB

4 Nick Bellore MLB

5 Carl Johnson OG

7 Mario Fannin RB

Now I am not discounting the talent of A.Smith or C.Houston and I am also not saying we will not or can not resign C.Houston..

But Just sitting back thinking it would be awesome to have

C.Houston Prince

C.Brown A. Smith

As our CB's we would have depth and the best Dime package you could ask for..

Now of course I would be extremely interested in signing 1-2 LB's as well as some OL help...

Alright there ya go rip me apart but just remember this was ALL JUST FOR FUN!!!!

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