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Lions Notes: Ndamukong Suh Vs. Chad Ochocinco On The Soccer Field?

  • Hawaii running back Alex Green is set to visit the Detroit Lions on Monday. Previously it was reported that he would visit or had already visited, but we didn't know a specific date.
  • Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh may battle Bengals wide receiver and hopeful MLS player Chad Ochocinco on a soccer field. This all started with Ochocinco jokingly asking Suh on Twitter, "If we got into a fight at what point would you beg for mercy before i whooped your ass?" Suh responded, "HAHA NEVER, you don't want those problems!!!!" After Ochocinco said that they could get a camera, fight and "put it on youtube of me beating you to a pulp," Suh said, "HA @ you couldn't beat me in soccer, let alone a fight." After Ochocinco said they could get on the ice and duke it out hockey-fight style, Suh tweeted the following:
    @ bro I saw ur weak attempt at bout we settle this w/ a shootout on the soccer field in @ ?#dontbescared
    Ochocinco replied by saying that "my attempt at soccer was awesome, we can have a shootout whenever you are ready." Ochocinco also said he will be the goalie. Suh replied, "That's a bet and I'll play goalie too!!!"

    If this actually happens, somebody better be there with a camera, because it sounds like it would be worth watching.
  • Speaking of Suh and Twitter, he is going to attempt to break the record for amount of people at a "Tweetup" today before Nebraska's spring game.
  • Almost 50 percent of the players taken with the 13th overall pick have become Pro-Bowlers.
  • Eastern Washington running back Taiwan Jones "sat down with the Cowboys, Lions, Chiefs and Eagles" earlier this week.
  • The release date of Madden 12 has been pushed back three weeks.

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