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Report: Detroit Lions To Host Chicago Bears On Monday Night Football

Getty Images

Mike O'Hara of is reporting that the Detroit Lions will play host to the Chicago Bears on Monday, Oct. 10, 2011. The game would be part of Monday Night Football and would be the Lions' first appearance on a Monday night in 10 years.

The full 2011 NFL schedule isn't set to be released until 7 p.m., but typically things leak out a bit early, as we're seeing with this report. Last year's complete Lions schedule was out before the NFL made it public, so I'd bet we get an early peak at this year's slate of games as well.

I don't expect the Lions to have more than one primetime game, although I'd never say never. Regardless, I am very happy that it looks like the Lions will be hosting a Monday Night Football game, as this city is more than ready (as evidenced by last year's Vikings-Giants game on Monday night at Ford Field). Hopefully this report turns out to be true when the full schedule is released in the next couple hours.