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2011 NFL Draft Order: Another Look At The Detroit Lions' Picks

Just as one final reminder before the 2011 NFL Draft begins tomorrow, the Detroit Lions have six total picks this year. The first four are their original picks. Their fifth-round selection was swapped with the Kansas City Chiefs as a result of the whole tampering situation. Their seventh-round pick was acquired from the Denver Broncos in the Alphonso Smith trade and was originally taken away as part of the tampering punishment before the NFL restored it last month.

Here is a look at all six picks:

  • Round 1, pick No. 13, overall pick No. 13
  • Round 2, pick No. 12, overall pick No. 44
  • Round 3, pick No. 11, overall pick No. 75
  • Round 4, pick No. 10, overall pick No. 107
  • Round 5, pick No. 23, overall pick No. 154 (originally had pick No. 9 in the fifth round -- the 140th overall pick -- but that now belongs to Kansas City as part of the swap of fifth-round selections)
  • Round 7, pick No. 2, overall pick No. 205 (acquired from Denver as part of Alphonso Smith deal)

Martin Mayhew has already said that he doesn't know if the Lions will end up with more or less picks when the draft concludes, but "it's a safe bet that we probably won't have the same six when it's all said and done." Expect some trades to change which picks the Lions have, but for now the six listed above are what Detroit is going into the draft with.

For a look at the full 2011 NFL Draft order, check out

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