Around the League - NoFair lands in Detroit

I decided to gather a bunch of responses from a bunch of SBNation open threads when the news of Fairley coming to D-Town hit the air. If you get a laugh from this gimme a rec, it took me a long while to gather all of this.

We'll start with the NFC North after the jump. Thanks to n4ry4 for the idea, it's been a blast making this thread.


"wow...detriot is going to have a beast DL"


"The Lions made the best pick of the draft."

by Bush League All Star

"Holy crap scary D line"

by StephanL

"The Lions select...Nick Fairley.

Ndamukong Suh + Fairley. That interior defense is going to be TOUGH."

by OBrienSchofieldismyHero

"Oh crap

Thats scary"

"Oh well,

We don’t run the ball anyways."

by JoshN

"The Lions have a monstrous D-Line.

Please go O-line Ted."

by levnclf


See, now I’m startled."

by Mitchell Maurer

"Can we clone Josh Sitton 2 more times?

Because were gonna need that."

"Man, Pouncy better be there."

by Shoes31

"Fuck! Suh AND Fairley!?"

by packallday555

"Scott Wells just pooped a little on his couch...

And ARod is already holding his head….."

by PhoenicianPakFan

"So who's thinking Watkins now?

I know I am a bigger fan of going that way just to survive the two Lions games"

by PackApologist

"Good news, bad news

The good news? We won’t have to worry about the Vikings for quite some time.

The bad news? We’ll have to worry about the Lions now."

by Packers3485


I liked the Lions better when they were taking WRs with the first pick every year"

by Ted Simmons Speed Camp

"Oh man, Detroit's D-Line scares me."

by PackerGirl

"Lions get a steal

They take one game from the packers, one from the bears, both from the vikings… they’re a playoff team right now with this pick."

by Nels Winkler


Lester says: Nooooooooooo! The Lions have drafted damn good since they rid them selves of Matt Millen. Fairley is a nasty 3-tech type player that will kill it lined up to Suh. Scary. Who the hell is gonna run up the middle against those two. NFC North teams better upgrade their o-lines immediately.

Kev says: This sort of makes me want to kick myself in the groin. If he plays to his potential (#draftdaycliche), this line is going to be all kinds of nightmare for the Bears.

"Dont get fairly, dont get fairly, dont get fairly PLEASE DON'T!"



by T.Moore

"Shit Fairly to Lions"


"OMG, that line is scary now


by Bears-Cubs Bulls


Suh/Fairley? Fuck."

by Steven Schweickert


Goddamn it we need bigger Guards"

by frenchbears113

"Cutler is dead"

by Ryan21

"Can we draft a brick wall and a roadside concrete barrier...

in the first and second?"

by Jacob Hayes

"Son of a bitch, Detroit got a beast in Fairley"

by BearsCore

"Lions just got the steal of the draft

They’re coming folks"

by Dils

"I am now scared of the Lions D-Line"

by airnjp

"Detroit Dline: Most Feared....."

"The new williams wall?"

by C-Razzle

"me thinks the lion have the potential to be gangerous this year"

by Cutler6fan8

"CSNBoyle Pat Boyle

wow.. Fairley to the Lions.. that d-line is scary good.. Cutler just got down on one knee for the 2nd time this week!"

Via Twitter

"Look on the bright side

Now Angelo will have to upgrade the OL. No more of this bullshit he’s been pulling."

by Spongie

"Forte and Cutler better grab another bottle tonight

Should there be a season, they’ll be taking shots when we play the Lions"

by TheMan1


"Fairley and Suh are going to beat the hell out of... Christian Ponder... for years to come. Sorry, still a little shell-shocked in the Man Cave. Someone, please talk me into this pick."

Eric J. Thompson (Daily Norseman Lead Blogger)

"Fairley + Suh...


by Kpz1234 (WAY before the pick)

"Damn. The Lions D is going to get scary."

by virginia viking

"holy shit

Suh and Fairly in DET, ponder better strap on his rinning shoes"

by muffin man


by Norse


Ponder will be out when he hits the field.."

by hickenizgriz

"Wow the lions D Line is

going to be good.."

by MrFootballguy


Suh & Fairly, Hello best young DT tandem in the NFL"

by Loki

"we will have to deal with them for the next 15 years


by muffin man


Good to see incompetence reigns still in Minnesota. Now that we let Detroit pick Fairley."

by Td1984

"lions are dangerous"

by eltwentyone

"And to think

Suh AND Fairly coming up the middle on sullivan and whos RG?"

"Ponder better fucking run like a deer"

by RileysCannibalJct

"that's SCARY."

by virginia viking


"Best DL in football. The Lions"

by FlaGators (Hog's Haven)

"best thing about next years DET"

by fat pete (Hog's Haven)


I feel bad for you QB’s of the NFCN"

by Josh Roberts (ESGB) (Behind the Steel Curtain)

"Flashes of the Steel Curtain

For Detroit"

by Tim Mullhaupt (HSS) (Behind the Steel Curtain)

"Steal of the draft

absolute steal."

by Rorschach44 (Big Blue View)

"I hope no one ever plans on running on Detroit. Ever."

by EREX21 (Bleeding Green Nation)

"they have the best dline in football"

by The Fish (Bleeding Green Nation)

"Detroit just reincarnated the farging steel curtain!

This is now the meanest defensive line in the country. not only are they good, they are flat out angry that you came out on the field to play against them. I predict several more injuries coming out of the NFC North this year."

by pjohn56 (Blogging the Boys)

"Where's Matt Millen when you need him"

by pfloyd1 (Blogging the Boys)

"Never thought I'd say this, but....

Wish I was a Lions fan for today…."

by CheechYou (The Phinsider)

"Detroit... Winning!"

by Chris Pokorny (Dawgs By Nature)

"I just found an excuse to watch the two CHI-DET games this year: because there’s a reasonable chance Jay Cutler will be killed in one of them."

by strootster (Battle Red Blog)

"Best D-line ever."

by Cassieper (Battle Red Blog)

"Lions have the Best DL in the NFL now. Calling it."

by Titans_Firefighter (Music City Miracles)

"I am now a Lions fan!"

by Deaconbrodie (Music City Miracles)

"We play them this year :("

by Ramon Fernandez (Mile High Report)

"Basically, the Williams wall just moved to Detroit for the next decade."

by hornetchiefsfan (Arrowhead Pride)

"Detroit just became a No-Run Zone type of D-Line !!!!"

by papabegood (Silver and Black Pride)

"With this pick

I think the lions just won the draft."

by Starrk (The Falcoholic)

"Oh my God

The Lions have Suh and Fairley? That’s the most dominant tandem in the league, right there."

by Dave Choate (The Falcoholic)

"I don't want to play Detroit now..."

by jkp1516 (Cat Scratch Reader)

"That line might be legendary

Holy freaking crap, that is insane dear god man"

by Candlebox (Bucs Nation)

"That is the most destructive DL one may ever assemble


by Transplanted (Bucs Nation)

"We don't play the Lions next year

All is good."

by Skii (Revenge of the Birds)

"Lions envy right now

That is a crazy crazy line."

by youALREADYknow (Niners Nation)

"Suh and Fairley

will be talked about for decades."

by these3words (Niners Nation)

"Man, really glad I'm not a Minny fan.

1 take Ponder at 12

2 Suh/Fairly"

by djafrot (Field Gulls)

Best Comment Ever

"we already lost 44-6 loll"

by loyal2therams (Turf Show Times)

"forget about getting 6 now"

by Buck Nasty87 (Turf Show Times)


Reading through all these open threads has been a sheer pleasure and was a lot of fun. Pretty much league-wide it broke down with 20-50 "WTF?" and laughter at pick 12, followed by extreme sentiments of "holy shit," after hearing about Fairley coming here. After the NFC North war rooms I decided to just do highlights of the other ones of merit to keep the thread from being too long, but it suffices to say that the wild endorsements from around the league read like something on the back of an Oscar sweeping movie.

Pretty much every team that faces us this year expressed sentiments along the lines of, "crap, we play them this year, don't we?" Every team that we don't play is pretty glad they don't play us, for good reason. A lot of teams are happy for us being on the rise, a couple quiet opinions have piped in, predictably, about how we should have gone OL or CB. The New York Jets were actually probably one of the more gracious teams and seem happy for our selection.

At the end of the day you can be upset about this pick for not addressing a big need, but it's really hard to be upset about this pick when we, as Lions fans, are essentially the envy of fans around the league right now. I really believe that this is the starting point of a really, really good thing in Motown. If you were pushing for Patrick Peterson on the merits of him being one of the best players in the draft, then I guess Nick Fairley (without giving up any picks!) has to be an amazing consolation prize.

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