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Players Apparently Can Meet With Team Doctors During NFL Lockout

Last week, Pro Football Talk made a big deal over a Matthew Stafford tweet that said he didn't get Twitter to let Lions coaches know how he is doing, stating that "they know." PFT painted a picture that made the Lions look guilty of having improper contact with Stafford, as coaches are not supposed to talk with players during the NFL lockout.

What was largely ignored was the fact that the coaches were likely getting information from people involved in Stafford's rehab, as well as other sources, such as the team doctor. While states that contact between team doctors and players isn't allowed, the NFL says that's untrue.

Curran spoke with NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, who confirmed that players are free to meet with team doctors — as long as they are away from the team facility. Trainers are also allowed to get information from the doctors about the reports.

I think it was pretty obvious from the start that Stafford wasn't having direct communications with Lions coaches. The reason "they know" how his rehab is going is because they can have information relayed to them, both by trainers and the team doctor. No, it's not first-hand information from Stafford, but it's not like they are in the dark or are doing something wrong.

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