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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Washington Redskins Select Julio Jones

Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 10 Julio Jones
General Manager: Trysdor

With the 10th pick of Pride of Detroit's 2011 NFL Mock Draft, the Washington Redskins select Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones.

Here is Trysdor's reasoning for the pick:

Faster than a speeding Jahvid. More powerful than a raging Suh. Able to leap tall Calvins in a single bound.

Absolutely none of these terms can be applied to Redskins WR Anthony Armstrong. And yet, as things stand, he is currently sitting atop the depth chart of the 'Skins at wide receiver. Obviously, this is a deeply troubling issue for a team with more money than sense like the 'Skins. Lest I subject these poor Washington fans to someone like T.O., WR needs to be addressed.

With all the problems the 'Skins are having with Donovan McNabb, QB is an issue. If Blaine Gabbert had fallen here, I'd have pulled the trigger in an instant. But without him, the value isn't here with someone like Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett. Another thought was a defensive lineman, but all the ones I valued at this level have been picked as well.

And so, I go with Julio Jones, the combine warrior. Certainly concerns about his lack of production, particularly TD scoring in college, are a concern. But Jones is an impressive physical specimen and good value here with the other players I coveted off the board. I'm taking a gamble on supreme physical tools coming together to produce an outstanding No. 1 WR. It's certainly a risk, but with all the safest players off the board, I consider this a solid value pick.


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