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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Minnesota Vikings Select Christian Ponder

Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 12 Christian Ponder
Florida State
General Manager: Ee Oulo

With the 12th pick of Pride of Detroit's 2011 NFL Mock Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder.

Here is Ee Oulo's reasoning for the pick:

When you're drafting at 12th, in dire need of a franchise QB, and the best QB in the draft for your scheme is available, YOU JUMP. The Vikings are getting just that: the best WCO QB in the draft, as well as the QB best suited to start right away. What "we're" getting is an already very high football IQ player able to learn the system fairly straight away and excel in making something out of nothing. His senior year was lackluster coming off of shoulder issues, but every indication is he's fully recovered and ready to play at a level that surpasses his standout junior campaign. While Ponder won't wow you with a cannon of an arm, he can make all the throws required and make them with good finesse and accuracy. He's proven his mettle and leadership and is my odds on favorite to eventually be viewed as the best QB to come of out of this class.

Now some, nay, many will say this is a major reach. To that I say this guy is easily the most undervalued player amongst the mock community! I see no chance of him making it to the second round, let alone when the Vikings pick again. Perhaps he could have been available later in the first, but with no trade available the time to pick him is now. Besides, as a wise man recently said, when you're drafting at 12, in dire need of a franchise QB, and the best QB in the draft for your scheme is available, YOU JUMP!


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