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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Because It's Never Too Early To Speculate About The Lions

SB Nation's first 2012 NFL mock draft has been published. You are probably thinking, "A 2012 mock draft? The 2011 NFL Draft just ended and I am sick of hearing about mock drafts." I'm right there with you, but before we completely shift out of mock draft mode I want to take a brief look at one forecast for the Detroit Lions in 2012.

First things first, the Lions aren't predicted to pick until the 16th overall selection. That shows that people think their record will be better in 2011, although I'd personally be a bit disappointed if they weren't picking even later on. That's a whole different story, though.

The Lions' pick for the 2012 NFL Draft is predicted to be Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis. The thinking is that after a few strong drafts, the Lions could add a linebacker in the first round and start turning that position into a strength much like they did with the defensive tackle position the last couple years.

Obviously you should only take this for what it is -- a much too early prediction. It does make for interesting discussion, although this should be the last time you hear the phrase "mock draft" for a while. Actually, let's hope we won't hear about mock drafts until February 2012 at the earliest, if you catch my drift.

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