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Gus Johnson Headed To Fox

Announcer Gus Johnson has officially left CBS. The network declined to match the offer Johnson received from Fox, meaning he is now headed to the home of NFC games. Johnson will announce NFL and Pac-12 games for Fox, and he will also continue to announce Big Ten basketball games for the Big Ten Network, which is partly owned by Fox.

The reason for Johnson's departure is related both to money and politics, according to the New York Daily News' Bob Raissman.

A CBS source who wanted Johnson - a former Knick radio voice - back said that not only money, but politics was an issue. The source said some of CBS Sports' college hoops voices were not thrilled with Johnson's rise to March Madness' most popular voice.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess Jim Nantz was one of the people not thrilled with Johnson's massive popularity. For years basketball fans have been saying Johnson, not Nantz, should be the announcer for the Final Four. Now Johnson won't even get to announce NCAA tournament games since he is leaving for Fox.

As much as I enjoyed watching March Madness games announced by Johnson, at least this will improve Fox's rather mediocre NFL lineup of announcers that Lions fans are subjected to each season. I certainly would rather have Johnson announce a Lions game rather than someone like Joe Buck or Dick Stockton, so hopefully the Detroit native will call a few Lions games in 2011.