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Peter King: Detroit Lions A 'Dark Horse' For Nnamdi Asomugha

Sports Illustrated's Peter King talked about possible landing spots for free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in his mailbag column on Tuesday. He was asked to give his thoughts on Asomugha and which teams could make a run for him. His answer may surprise you, as he thinks the Detroit Lions will be in the mix.

I could see five teams with big wallets going after him: Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Detroit and the Jets -- but the Jets ONLY if there's not going to be a salary cap in 2011. See, that's the difficult thing to forecast. If there's a cap, I can't see the Jets in the running, because paying two cornerbacks a combined $35 million a year (or some such lunatic number) would squeeze too many contributing players off their team. Detroit's probably a dark horse, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Ford family, which has to be as excited about its team as it's been since the prime Barry Sanders days, would authorize a big check for Asomugha.

There's no question that the Lions are in as good of a position as they have been in a long time to make a run at the playoffs. There's also no question that adding Asomugha to their defense would make them much more than simply a playoff contender.

I'm still skeptical that the Lions would open up their checkbook enough for Asomugha to consider Detroit, just as I am skeptical that Asomugha would consider this team no matter how much money is offered. That said, the fact that King thinks the Lions will be in the mix is very interesting. If Detroit could somehow land him, both their defense and offense would have the makings of something special heading into the 2011 season.