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Packers' Josh Sitton Has High Praise For Ndamukong Suh

Some Green Bay Packers visited a middle school in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this week. Although the middle school is in Packers country, they ran into a Detroit Lions fan who asked offensive guard Josh Sitton a question about Ndamukong Suh. Sitton responded by telling the fan that Suh is the best defensive player he's ever faced, and he also said this:

"I was not excited to face him twice a year, I’ll tell you that," said Sitton. "It’s a good challenge, though. We’d battle each other and kick each other’s butt, so that’s OK."

Team president and CEO Mark Murphy joked with the Lions fans in attendance by saying that Detroit will "finish second in the division to us for the next few years." I will take second place in the NFC North over fourth, which is where the Lions usually finish. I will also take the joke being about the Lions finishing behind Green Bay rather than some of the jokes we've heard about them not even winning a game in the past.

I suppose it's another sign of progress when the only joke about the Lions is finishing behind the Super Bowl champions in the future.