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Lions' Aaron Berry Gets Tips From Jets' Darrelle Revis

Cornerback Aaron Berry was an undrafted free agent out of Pittsburgh last offseason that joined the Detroit Lions and immediately received a lot of praise. He went from being a UDFA to making the team, and he got a decent amount of playing time in the season opener before suffering a season-ending injury.

This year, the hope is for Berry to come back healthy and improved. Although he hasn't played or even practiced since last September, he spent some of the offseason picking the mind of former Pittsburgh teammate and current New York Jet Darrelle Revis. What he learned deals largely with how to prepare for games off the football field in the film room.

"When you get in that film room and you can label people and splits and receivers and know what routes they like to run and know what quarterbacks like to throw, their strengths and weaknesses, you play so much better, you play so much faster. You're able to make more plays because you understand more. I think that's going to be a big thing for me is just getting in the film room a lot more."

Berry certainly picked a good person to get advice from. Hopefully his time with Revis shows this year on the football field.