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Red Wings Vs. Sharks - Game 7 Open Thread

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The NFL lockout is still on and the dog days of the offseason have officially arrived. There is not a whole lot going on with the Detroit Lions right now, but the Red Wings are playing in Game 7 against the Sharks tonight. The series started with the Sharks winning three straight games, but the Wings have battled back to even things up and force tonight's Game 7.

Since there was so much discussion in the offseason open thread about the Red Wings' game earlier this week, I figured I would go ahead and make a separate open thread for tonight's game. Few things compare to a Game 7 in the NHL playoffs, especially after a team came back from being in a 3-0 hole. Hopefully the Red Wings will pick up a win tonight and allow for future open threads later this month and in June, giving us something to talk about if the lockout is still going on.

Go Wings!