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Minnesota Vikings Finally Getting A New Stadium?

The collapse of the Metrodome's roof toward the end of last season showed just how badly the Minnesota Vikings need a new stadium. Even before the roof issue they needed a new home, and the damage done by a snowstorm was added evidence to the notion that they need to move somewhere else in the future.

This stadium issue for the Vikings is nothing new, and it has been the subject of much debate in Minnesota. In the past many have pointed to the stadium issue as a reason why the Vikings might pick up and move west to Los Angeles, but it looks like that won't be necessary. Earlier this week the Vikings reached an agreement with Arden Hills, Minnesota, to build a new stadium.

The site of the stadium would be the former Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant property in Arden Hills, about 10 miles from the Metrodome in Minneapolis. The agreement calls for an $884 million stadium and an additional $173 million for on-site infrastructure, parking and environmental costs.

Ramsey County said the Vikings will commit $407 million to the project — 44 percent of the stadium costs and 39 percent of the overall costs. The county's share would be $350 million, to be financed by a half-cent sales tax increase.

You can check out what this new stadium will look like on the Vikings' official website. It certainly looks like an upgrade over the Metrodome, which has gone from hosting the Vikings, Twins and University of Minnesota all at once to likely being vacant in a few years.