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Lions' Andre Fluellen Pumped For Addition Of Nick Fairley

One of the more interesting things to watch if there is ever a training camp is the battle for the final roster spots on the defensive line. The Lions' depth is unreal at this point, which means one or more players that deserve to make the 53-man roster will end up being cut. That is good news for other teams looking to add talent to their defensive line, but for a guy like Andre Fluellen, it could mean the end of his time in Detroit.

As it stands right now, the Lions' top four players at defensive tackle are Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley, Corey Williams and Sammie Hill. Fluellen is next in line, and he can point to his versatility as a reason why he should make the team. It's far from a guarantee, though. In fact, adding Fairley into the mix could force Fluellen out of a roster spot when the final cuts are made.

Despite this possibility, Fluellen is a big fan of the Fairley pick and likes the way the Lions' D-line is shaping up for 2011.

"I think we definitely have the possibility" to be the best in the NFL, he said. "I can't really say it right now because the season hasn't started, but at the same time we had a good defensive line last year and, shoot, we got a top-15 player who should have been probably a top-five player, in my opinion. We got him at No. 13, so that's just only going to make us better."

Fluellen went on to say that taking Fairley was "the best pick that we could have made." I don't think there's any doubt that Fluellen is the definition of a team player considering how much he likes the Fairley pick despite the implications it could have on his status with the Lions.