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3 Players From State Of Michigan Were Picked In 2011 NFL Draft

The NFL sent out a press release earlier this week with a breakdown of the picks made in the 2011 NFL Draft. Much of the focus of the release is on which high schools had players selected in this year's draft, but there's also a section about how many players were picked from each state.

Unsurprisingly the top three states for players selected were California, Florida and Texas. California had 42 players picked and Florida and Texas had 36 and 29, respectively. Georgia was next in line with 19 players selected and North Carolina and Ohio rounded out the top five in a tie with 10 each.

The state of Michigan had only three players taken in the 2011 NFL Draft. The surprising thing is that none of them went to a college in Michigan. Mark Ingram, who was drafted at the end of the first round by the Saints, went to Alabama over Michigan State. Joe Barksdale, who went to Cass Tech High School, which is a pipeline for Michigan, went to LSU and was taken in the third round by the Raiders. Finally, Ronald Johnson, who stunned everybody by going to USC over Michigan and MSU, was taken in the sixth round by the 49ers.

The University of Michigan's two drafts picks were Jonas Mouton (second round to San Diego) and Stephen Schilling (sixth round to San Diego). Mouton is from Los Angeles and Schilling came to Michigan from the state of Washington.

Both of Michigan State's two draft picks went in the sixth round and went to high school in Ohio. Greg Jones hails from Cincinnati and went to the Giants and Chris L. Rucker is from Warren and went to the Colts.