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Lions Notes: Ndamukong Suh Sets Tweetup Guinness World Record

  • The Lions in Winter recently took a look at the Detroit Lions' receivers. As you can probably guess, Bryant Johnson and Derrick Williams were downright awful last season.
  • Ndamukong Suh did in fact set a Guinness world record for hosting the largest tweetup prior to the Nebraska spring game. Guinness made it official earlier this week.
  • A writer on SideLion Report randomly met Lions head coach Jim Schwartz the other day.
  • Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks that both the owners and players are "coming to that point now where we start to hurt ourselves collectively in the eyes of our fans." I think we've passed that point, actually.

    When the NFL lockout began I wasn't too upset with this whole situation. By now, however, I'm to the point where I'm just pissed off at both sides. The owners anger me for seemingly caring more about money than the fans and the sport, and the players (their representatives, not individual players) piss me off for seemingly caring more about winning the PR battle than making any progress with a deal. It's May and right now there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. As Kraft went on to say, fans just want football, and until we get football no one is going to be happy.