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Lions' Shaun Hill Had Back Surgery Last Week

It was reported yesterday that Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill had surgery on his finger last week. As it turns out, that was incorrect. Hill actually had back surgery to fix an issue that has been "bugging" him for a while.

An injection before last season allowed him to make it through 2010. He tried the injection again this year but was still feeling pain from the injury, so he decided to go ahead and get the surgery. The estimated time for him to fully recover is four to six weeks, but already he has been out on the field doing some conditioning and light throwing.

"It’s been great," Hill said. "I’m six days post-op, and I’m running a little bit. I can’t throw extended stuff. The rotation, I don’t want to overdo it there. But I feel great. I’m glad I did it. Wish I would have done it earlier."

I will have more on the Lions' second workout later this afternoon.